Governor Hochul and the State Assembly: Pass the Save the Hudson Bill!

After decades of grassroots advocacy, New York rightfully closed down the Indian Point nuclear power plant. But now Holtec International, the company in charge of decommissioning the plant, wants to dump the radioactive waste from the plant’s spent fuel into the Hudson River this summer, instead of holding and safely breaking down the toxic waste on site.

Just recently, the Save the Hudson bill passed the State Senate! That bill would make it illegal for Holtec to dump its radioactive waste into the Hudson River. Now the State Assembly and governor's signature is the only thing standing between hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and clean, safe water.

Urge Governor Hochul and the State Assembly to make Save the Hudson bill the law of the land and make sure the our Governor does everything in her power to stop Holtec from dumping radioactive waste in our beloved Hudson River!

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Gov. Hochul and NY Assembly: Pass the Save the Hudson Bill!
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