Sign the petition to Lowe's and Home Depot: Stop selling plants with bee-killing pesticides!

Bee pollinating flower

Lowe's, Home Depot and other garden retailers are selling plants labeled as "bee-friendly," leading customers to believe they're helping bee populations thrive. However, our allies over at Friends of the Earth just released a study that reveals that more than half of these plants actually contain a pesticide that can harm or kill bees.

We need to get these bee-killing plants off store shelves. In order to do that, we're combining forces with our allies and partners across the country to demand action. The plan is to deliver hundreds of thousands of petitions to Lowe's and Home Depot next week.

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Please do not sell products containing bee-killing pesticides

Petition to  Home Depot and Lowe's,

As a concerned customer, I ask that you show similar leadership and commit to not sell neonicotinoid pesticides, as well as plants pretreated with these pesticides to protect honey bees and other pollinators essential to our food supply and the environment.

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