Fix New York's Aging Water Infrastructure!

Water Infrastructure Main Break

Some of New York's water systems are over 100 years old, and they're in need of upgrades to address lead pipes and other threats to safe drinking water.

Governor Cuomo and the Legislature are working to finalize the state budget by April, and we need them to make New York's water systems a budget priority.

We're calling on them to commit at least $800 million a year in dedicated funding to fix our water systems and ensure safe water for all New Yorkers.

Fill out the form below and tell Governor Cuomo and your state legislators to make fixing our critical water infrastructure a priority.

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New York needs to make a sustained commitment to upgrading and maintaining its water infrastructure, and I'm counting on your leadership to help make this happen. Please ensure that annual water infrastructure funding is sufficient to ensure safe drinking water for all New Yorkers.

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