Pledge to protect our food and water from corporate control on Election Day!

In November, Californians will vote on Prop 37 requiring that GE foods be labeled. Just as labels list fat, sodium and sugar, labels should tell the buyer whether or not the product includes genetically engineered ingredients.

Unfortunately, major corporations like Monsanto are pouring millions of dollars into this election in order to confuse voters, and protect their bottom line.

Furthermore, big corporations like Monsanto would gain an even greater advantage in financing elections and corrupting our democracy if Prop 32 passes. Prop 32 is a deceptive scheme that would only worsen our broken campaign finance system.

Sign the pledge below if you plan to vote YES on Prop 37 and NO on Prop 32 and oppose corporate control of our food industry and elections!

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I pledge to vote YES on Prop 37 and NO on 32

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I have the right to know what's in my food. I pledge to vote YES on 37 and NO on 32 to protect our food system from corporate control. As more and more GE foods reach supermarket shelves, this issue is more important than ever.

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