Fight the Foodopoly and Overturn Citizens United!

We live in a Foodopoly, where the food we eat is increasingly being controlled by fewer and fewer corporations. Just a handful of corporations controls most of each type of food we buy in the stores, and the most powerful corporations own huge swaths of the grocery store.

It gets worse. In the Citizens United case, the Supreme Court gave corporations massive power over our democracy, treating them just like people... except that, in the case of corporations, protecting their supposed "freedom of speech" means allowing them to make unlimited political donations and effectively buy campaigns.

That's no way for democracy to function. These corporations shouldn't control our food supply or our political process. Help us take back democracy for the people and overturn Citizens United!

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Please reject Citizens United 

We reject the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United and other related cases that let corporations give unlimited amounts of money to influence elections. Money is not speech and corporations are not entitled to rights that only people should have. We urge Congress to pass and send to the states for ratification a constitutional amendment to restore the First Amendment and limit corporations' influence on elections.

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