Tell Cuomo That Fracking Leads to Climate Change

Ban Fracking Activist TCL

Governor Cuomo has a new plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, this energy plan makes no mention of fracking, a risky gas extraction method that pollutes our air with large amounts of methane. If we want to reduce New York's greenhouse gas emissions, it is critical that we keep fracking out of our state.

While Cuomo's energy plan doesn't mention fracking, it does rely heavily on the use of natural gas — most of it fracked in other states. As we all know, air pollution does not adhere to state boundaries, and fracking in other states is no better for the climate than fracking here would be. It also subjects folks in Pennsylvania and other states to huge risks including water contamination, earthquakes and local air pollution.

There is a brief public comment period on the plan, and we need to to make sure the Governor is aware that New Yorkers know that fracking worsens climate change.

Public comments are due on April 30! Please submit one today telling Governor Cuomo that fracked gas has no place in a plan to reduce emissions.

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Governor Cuomo: Fracked Gas Worsens Climate Change


Simply put, natural gas is not a bridge fuel. We must ban fracking in New York and aggressively transition to renewables immediately. You have a real opportunity to lead on climate change, but natural gas has no place in a plan to reduce emissions.

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