Tell Congress: Don't Rubber Stamp Fracked Gas Exports!

Congress: Ban Fracking Exports

UPDATE — Bills have been introduced in both the Senate and House, which would fast track gas exports. Committee hearings are underway (3/31/14).

UPDATE — An amended H.R. 6 passed out of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. (4/30/14).

The oil and gas industry and some in Congress are using escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia to push President Obama to dramatically expedite the approval of U.S. exports of natural gas. But exporting gas abroad means:

  • more fracking in the U.S., putting our drinking water, air, climate and health further at risk
  • higher gas prices here at home, reversing industry claims that fracking creates energy independence
  • bigger oil and gas industry profits as they sell gas to the highest abroad - most likely Asia, not Ukraine.

Instead, Congress should work to transition the U.S. off fossil fuels through proven clean energy solutions.

Please take action below, urging your Members of Congress to stop the export of oil and gas and invest in renewables. We'll deliver your signature and additional message directly to President Obama, your U.S. Senators, your Representative and Secretary of State John Kerry.

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Dear [Decision Maker],

The escalating tensions between the Ukraine and Russia should not be used as an excuse for increased liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports.

Gas exports cannot help the current situation in the Ukraine, because it would take years for our export facilities to be able to process the volumes of gas proposed for overseas sales. And S. 2083 and H.R. 6 would fast track exports of U.S. LNG.

In order to protect our communities, our economy and the health of Americans, I urge you to reject oil and gas exports and invest in renewable energy instead.

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