Ban Fracking and Its Toxic Waste in Amherst, NY

Mother and Daughter ban fracking

It is time for Amherst, NY to protect our health and safety by passing a ban on fracking and its toxic waste.

Fracking for oil and natural gas has led to drinking water contamination, public health problems and dangerous explosions in states across the country. The toxic waste it produces is often radioactive, and it contains an array of cancer-causing chemicals. Yet due to oversight, it's mishandled at municipal treatment plants and has even been spread on local roadways as an ice-melting agent. There is no safe way to treat this toxic waste — which is why we need to keep it from being disposed of here in Amherst.

Now is the time to tell the Amherst Town Board to protect us from fracking!

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Please protect your constituents by passing a ban on dangerous fracking and its toxic waste in Amherst, NY.

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