Tell the USDA to Reject Agent Orange Corn and Soy!

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Dow AgriScience is pushing the USDA to approve "Agent Orange" corn and soybeans that have been genetically engineered to withstand 2,4-D — a harsh chemical that was used in the infamous Agent Orange defoliant used during the Vietnam War. If allowed, the use of 2,4-D would increase two to six times, having devastating effects on water, public health and even organic crops.

The USDA just finished its final step in the approval process. This is your last chance to tell the USDA to reject these GMO crops!

Read the message below, personalize as best as you can and click "Submit Comment" to tell the USDA to deny "Agent Orange" corn and soy.

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Don't Approve 2,4-D-tolerant corn and soybean - Docket No. APHIS-2013-0042

Dear USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service,

The USDA must realize that the entire purpose of this 2,4-D tolerant crop -- to help with glyphosate-resistant weeds -- will be moot once these crops spur 2,4-D and multiple herbicide resistance in even more weed species. It's time for USDA to make the right decision for plant health, human health and all of agriculture by denying approval of Dow's 2,4-D tolerant corn and soybeans.

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