Governor Wolf: Follow New York's Lead and Ban Fracking Now!

Zach Ban Fracking Now

In December, New York became the first state to ban fracking!

This victory came after years of education, mobilization and advocacy work done by Food & Water Watch as a co-founding member of New Yorkers Against Fracking, and the strong network of allies and grassroots activists in New York.

This hard-won victory shows that we win when we bring people together to build political power.

After activists demanded that New York study the health effects of fracking, a two-year investigation by the state's own agency confirmed what the movement has been saying all along: that fracking cannot be done safely.

New York has set an example that the rest of the country should follow to make sure that families in every state are protected from fracking.

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Fracking and the infrastructure associated with it have polluted our air and water and cut through our parks and public lands. Please take the first step in stopping fracking by halting fracking and associated infrastructure projects statewide.

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