L.A. City Council: Stop the Tunnel Tax!

Corporate agriculture giants are moving faster then ever to pave the way for $50 billion twin tunnels to tap water from the Sacramento River and funnel it to their farms in the Central Valley.

What do the corporations get? Taxpayer-subsidized water to grow and export lucrative water-intensive crops, as well as cheap water to sell for huge profits to developers and oil companies.

What do we get? Massive water rate hikes, more debt, and a damaged environment.

Join us in urging the Los Angeles City Council to oppose this wasteful project and prevent our dollars from being spent on new tunnels for corporate agriculture!


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Dear [Decision Maker],

The people of Los Angeles should not be made to pay for massive new tunnels for corporate agriculture and oil companies!

I strongly urge you to protect Los Angeles ratepayers from unfair rate hikes by passing legislation that prohibits ratepayer funds to finance the construction of new tunnels to divert the Sacramento River intended to increase exports from the San Francisco Bay Delta. We need to invest and fix our local water infrastructure, necessary to make our water supply more reliable, decrease reliance on imported water and create local jobs.

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