Petition - Tell the EPA to Regulate Factory Farms!

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More than 40 years after the start of the Clean Water Act, factory farms remain essentially unregulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA admits that it doesn’t even know where all of the factory farms are! 

Worse yet, the EPA abandoned a regulation in 2012 that would have created an inventory of factory farms to collect basic information about how they are managing their tremendous volumes of waste. 

As long as the EPA continues to turn a blind eye toward this polluting industry, our waterways and communities will never be safe.

Sign the petition below to urge the EPA to start regulating factory farms today!

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I urge the EPA to regulate factory farms. Please start by reinstating your information-gathering rule to collect basic information about factory farms. Without a comprehensive inventory of factory farms, our waterways and communities will remain unprotected.

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