Petition - Tell Hillary Clinton to Support a Ban on Fracking

Hillary Clinton

It's official — Hillary Clinton is running for President.

In Clinton's announcement video, she pledged to be a champion for American families.

This is our opportunity to appeal to her directly to stand up for our communities, our drinking water and our environment by supporting a national ban on fracking.

In the last couple of years, a scientific consensus has emerged around the impacts of fracking on our air, water, communities and the climate on which we all depend. And in December, based on this mounting evidence, Governor Cuomo announced his plans to ban fracking in New York.

Sign the petition below to ask Hillary Clinton to be a leader by supporting a national ban on fracking.

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Dear Hillary Clinton,

As you are forming your Presidential platform, I want to ask you to support a national ban on fracking.

Many new studies have come out since your time as Secretary of State showing that fracking pollutes our air and water and threatens our communities. Hydraulic fracturing cannot be done safely, which is why your home state of New York has banned it.

I urge you to be a leader and to support a national ban on fracking.

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