Anti-Triclosan Pledge

Triclosan soap toothbrush.jpgNow that I know triclosan is lurking in my home, I'm going to do something about it. I'm taking the anti-triclosan pledge because:

...Antibacterial soaps containing triclosan are no better than old-fashioned soap and water! In fact, an FDA advisory panel of experts voted 11 to 1 that antibacterial soaps were no more effective than regular soap and water in fighting infections.

...Triclosan creates more potent strains of bacteria, increasing antibacterial and antibiotic resistance.

...Scientists fear that triclosan is accumulating in waterways and soil, resulting in hazardous residues in the fish and food crops that we eat.

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Anti-Triclosan Pledge

I pledge to: 

- Choose soaps and other personal care products that do not contain triclosan whenever possible;

- Learn more about the dangers of triclosan;

-Tell my friends and family about the dangers of triclosan.

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