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Flint waterThe toxic water in Flint, Michigan after the city switched the water source to save money.

Access to safe drinking water is a human right. But too many communities across the country have aging infrastructure without enough resources to fix problems.

Funding for public water systems has been slashed time and again. As a result, cities are forced to make decisions about how to get the funding they need — like by selling the water system to a private company, increasing rates to levels so high that residents can't pay, or in Flint, Michigan's case, switching the drinking water from a safe source to a very polluted river to save a buck.

No family should ever be put in the situation that Flint families are facing, period.

The federal government should continue to provide funding for water infrastructure so that everyone in America can have access to locally managed, safe and clean drinking water. With many systems advancing in age (some more than 100 years old), we need this funding more than ever. We must renew our commitment to public water.

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