Hands Off Atlantic City's Public Water System

Water Privatization Protestors

There's a plan in the New Jersey Assembly for the state takeover of Atlantic City — threatening city residents' right to public water and harming workers' rights.

A terrible bill just passed through the New Jersey Senate that provides for the sale of Atlantic City's public water system, which means the state could sell off the water utility to a corporation.

Corporate control often leads to higher rates, worse service, and loss of local control, and workers will feel the effects as well. Corporate ownership of utilities could mean lower pay and fewer benefits for workers.

This bill is moving quickly and our Assemblypeople will have a chance to vote on the fate of Atlantic City's water very soon.

Sign below to tell your Assemblyperson to oppose any plan for Atlantic City that includes the sale of the city's public water utility and the overriding of workers' rights.

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Protect Atlantic City's Public Water and Workers' Rights

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