No More Fracking Infrastructure in New York!

Stop InFRACKstructure

The Cuomo administration recently denied a key water quality permit for the Valley Lateral Pipeline that would feed a massive fracked-gas power plant.

That's great news, and but the fight against this project and other fracked-gas infrastructure in New York isn't over.

We have to keep pushing to stop the massive build-out of fracking infrastructure across the state.

It's time for Governor Cuomo to take the next step against fracking, end our ruinous reliance on fracked gas and oil, and transition New York to 100% renewable energy.

That starts with rejecting fracking infrastructure.

Sign below to tell Governor Cuomo to reject ALL new fracking infrastructure projects threatening the Empire State.

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Dear Governor Cuomo,

Please take the next step toward a 100% renewable New York by rejecting fracking infrastructure and immediately halting the huge build-out of pipelines, compressor stations, storage facilities, and fracked-gas power plants in New York State.

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