Deny Nestlé's Permit to Withdraw More Groundwater!

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Nestlé Waters wants to drastically increase the amount of groundwater it is permitted to withdraw in Osceola County, Michigan.

Nestlé has a track record of targeting small communities with limited means to protect their water resources.

The production of bottled water causes significant equity and environmental problems. Companies are profiting by using false advertising, privatizing groundwater supplies or selling tap water in overpriced and environmentally damaging plastic bottles.

Michigan should not value the corporate profits of a multinational bottled water company over the interests of local residents.

Tell Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and the Department of Environmental Quality to deny Nestlé's request.

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Dear [Governor Snyder and the MDEQ],

We urge the MDEQ to deny Nestlé Waters' request to increase its pumping capacity.

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