Take Action: Delay, Resist and Reject Trump's Atrocious Cabinet Appointees!

Stop Pruitt

Donald Trump is trying every trick in the book to stack his cabinet with industry insidersclimate change deniers and fossil fuel fanatics. The Senate is rushing these terrible nominees through the confirmation process and cramming multiple hearings in each day so it's harder for us to stand against them.  

But the Senate can delay confirmation of Trump's appointees by utilizing the full 30 hours allotted for debate.

Climate change-denying Scott Pruitt is being rushed through for head of the Environmental Protection Agency, and other nominees will be facing confirmation votes shortly.

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More than ever, we need uncompromising leadership to protect our food, water and environment, and to safeguard our democracy from regressive policies that benefit only billionaires and multinational corporations. I urge you to be the leadership we need right now: demand the full 30 hours of Senate debate and reject Pruitt, Perry, Puzder, Price, Perdue and Zinke for cabinet positions.

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