Maryland Lawmakers: We Won't Settle for Less Than a Fracking Ban

MD fracking rally, NNU

Update: The House of Delegates just passed the fracking ban bill! Now it's on to the Senate.

Maryland lawmakers have less than a month to ban fracking once and for all. After that, Governor Hogan's disastrous regulations take effect and fracking could begin as early as October of this year.

The good news?
Bills to ban fracking have been introduced in the legislature — and the House of Delegates voted to pass the ban bill. Now we need the Senate to follow suit.

The bad news?
There's also a bill that would just kick the can down the road and allow fracking in 2019.
It's clear that the Assembly needs to act in order to prevent fracking from starting this year. But we need to make sure they pass a permanent ban to protect Marylanders' health and environment.

Tell your legislators you won't settle for less than a statewide ban on fracking in Maryland.

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Dear  [Maryland Elected Official],

Governor Hogan's fracking rules cannot be allowed to go into effect. Only a permanent fracking ban can protect Maryland. Please vote YES on a statewide fracking ban (SB 740/HB 1325), and vote NO on any bill that would allow fracking to move forward in Maryland.

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