Ban Fracking Waste in Connecticut!

Fracking waste is toxic

The Connecticut legislature is considering a bill that would continue the moratorium on allowing toxic, radioactive fracking waste into the state.

Hauling this dangerous waste on our roads poses the risk of accidents and spills that would spell disaster for local waterways. And because there is no safe way to treat this waste, disposing of it here would threaten the health of Connecticut families.

Drilling and fracking a single shale well can produce millions of gallons of toxic wastewater and hundreds of tons of potentially radioactive solid waste. And while fracking itself isn't happening in Connecticut, waste from other states is a very real danger.

Take action below and tell your elected officials to keep toxic fracking waste out of Connecticut! 

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In order to protect our communities and the safety of our families, we need to continue to keep fracking waste from entering the state. I urge you to protect Connecticut by supporting HB 6329 and strengthening it into a complete statewide ban on fracking waste.

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