Keep Fossil Fuels Where They Belong - In the Ground!

March for a Clean Energy Revolution

Trump announced executive orders that will reverse progress we've made on addressing climate change.

We're responding by going on the offensive — working to pass a bill to keep fossil fuels in the ground!

While the Trump administration is pushing for opening up more public lands to fossil fuel extraction, we're fighting back. Senator Merkley of Oregon is introducing a bill to Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground. Send a message below to tell your senators to get on board!

We are in a climate crisis. We need to move beyond dirty energy in order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, and we need a swift and just transition to clean, renewable energy

Send a message below to ask your senator to join onto the legislation by becoming an original co-sponsor of the "Keep It in the Ground" Act.

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I urge you to take strong action now to safeguard our communities and environment for current and future generations. Please join Senator Merkley's Keep It in the Ground Act to ban fossil fuel extraction on public lands.

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