Protect the Hudson River From Oil Barges!

Hudson River bridge

Update: In response to vocal public opposition, the Coast Guard has suspended its proposal to add more anchorage sites for oil-carrying barges on the Hudson River.

But the plan could be revisited in the future, so we need Governor Cuomo to sign the bill giving the state more oversight of oil barges on the river.
The Legislature passed the bill, so all it needs now is Cuomo's signature.

The Coast Guard's proposal would have allowed increased transport and storage of crude oil on the river, threatening waterfront communities and the environment with increased risk of hazardous oil spills and water contamination.  

Urge Governor Cuomo to sign the bill into law, strengthening New York's ability to protect the Hudson from fracked oil!

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Dear Governor Cuomo,

I urge you to protect public safety, our health, and the environment by signing S.5197B/A.6825A into law and giving New York State greater control over the placement of any anchorage areas for oil-carrying barges.

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