Wonderful: Stop Oil Wastewater Irrigation Now!

Our country's multi-billion dollar food industry is getting away with using our dinner plates as disposal sites for oil wastewater from dirty oil corporations in California like Chevron.

Water samples have determined that the wastewater contains toxic chemicals, some that are linked to cancer. Large agribusinesses like The Wonderful Company are exploiting their customers and the farmworkers who grow their food by profiting off of putting our health at risk.

Wonderful, known for nationally sold brands like POM Wonderful, Wonderful Pistachios and Halos mandarins, has the political influence to do something about this.

Watch our video by renowned filmmaker Jon Bowermaster and tell Wonderful: I pledge to stop buying your products until you pressure California legislators to ban this dirty practice.

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Use your influence to pressure CA Governor Jerry Brown to BAN the use of oil wastewater to grow our food!

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