Tell Governor Brown to Stop the Tunnels

Governor Brown proposed massive tunnels to divert the Sacramento River to giant agribusinesses on the westside of the Central Valley at a cost of $20-$50 billion.

As Californians, we need to understand that this project will cost billions and will provide little to no benefit. Much of this water could be used in fracking operations, which could pollute our state's already precious water resources. Large agribusinesses and oil corporations want to redirect an entire river just to make more profit, and they're willing to lie to the people of Southern California just to get their way.

Join us in urging Governor Jerry Brown to stop this $50 billion corporate boondoggle today!

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Stop the Tunnel Project

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am concerned and alarmed by your proposal for the new tunnel project to redirect water from the Sacramento River.

Overall, the tunnels are unnecessary and fiscally irresponsible. The existing aquaduct could be reinforced and other local water projects like rainwater collection could be implemented instead, providing a much greater benefit at a lower cost.

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