Protect our food with a Fair Farm Bill this session!

The 2008 Farm Bill expired at the end of September. Now Congress is back in session and the Farm Bill is on their very long list of to-dos (in addition to dealing with lots of tax and financial issues that are described as avoiding the “fiscal cliff.”)

There are a handful of different scenarios for how Congress might deal with the Farm Bill in the next month, and a whole lot is at stake. We need to let them know what to do on our priorities, no matter what process they use to move the bill.

Will you write your representatives and ask them to protect the farm bill's most important programs?


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Dear [Decision Maker],

The Farm Bill is a critical item on the list of issues that Congress is dealing with this fall. As you take up the Farm Bill by passing an extension or by passing a new bill and the appropriations bills for 2013, I urge you to make sure that vital programs are restored and that no further damage is done on important issues like competition in agriculture markets.

I urge you to protect consumers and small farmers by passing a fairer Farm Bill this session.

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