Stop Dirty Meat!

Just like the fox shouldn't guard the hen house, employees in poultry processing plants shouldn't do their own food safety inspections. But unfortunately, that's just what Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is proposing.

We call this "privatized inspection" and we know that line speeds are too fast, and employees are untrained to stop unsafe products from leaving the chicken and turkey processing plants and reaching a store near you.

Take action to ask Secretary Vilsack to reject "privatized" meat inspection.


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Don't Take Inspectors Out of Processing Plants

Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you not to go forward with the proposed New Poultry Inspection System. The USDA should not be privatizing poultry inspection by allowing company employees to perform inspection tasks that are supposed to be done by USDA inspectors.

I oppose any effort to take USDA inspectors away from inspecting meat and poultry. The job of protecting consumers should be done by government employees, as the law requires. Giving this critical responsibility to poultry companies is unacceptable.

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