Ask President Obama to Stop the Marketing of Junk Food to Kids

fast_food_kid.jpgOur nation's youth are struggling more than ever with one of the largest obesity epidemics in history. One in three American children and adolescents is overweight or obese — conditions that contribute to poor health throughout their lifetimes.

Meanwhile, the same industry that wants to sell children soda and junk food also relies on self-regulation in their marketing campaigns. Letting industry regulate itself has not improved the obesity crisis. A diet made up of foods commonly marketed to children on television would still consist mainly of cereal, fast food and snacks eaten outside of normal mealtimes in large servings.

The federal government does not have any restrictions on nutrition standards for these foods or the way they're marketed to children.

Will you ask President Obama to improve the health of children and adolescents by strengthening regulations on food marketing?

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I urge you to protect the health of our nation's children by improving regulations on marketing to youth.

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