Tell Congress: Fix the Farm Bill!

two cows.jpgThe Farm Bill is a big deal: it has the power to bring fair food to consumers, level the playing field for family farmers, protect organic standards and the environment, and more.

But the Farm Bill won't do those things unless Congress fixes it. The last Farm Bill was a casualty of the "fiscal cliff" debate, and vital programs were cut from it. Tell Congress to fix their mistakes and pass a better Farm Bill.

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Dear [Decision Maker],

As you begin to work on the next Farm Bill, I urge you to take critical steps to make our farm policy work better for family farmers, consumers and the environment. The Farm Bill plays a huge role in shaping how our food is grown and how we eat. Don't pass up this chance to make the Farm Bill work better for family farmers and consumers.

Family farmers deserve a fair chance to make a living, and consumers deserve access to safe, healthy, affordable food. Please take these steps to make the Farm Bill work better for us.

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