Stop the USDA's plan for unsafe chicken

Factory Farm PoultrySecretary of Agriculture Vilsack has a plan to change the way safety inspection is done on our poultry, and his plan would make our food less safe and put workers in danger. Tell Secretary Vilsack and President Obama not to privatize poultry inspection!

Vilsack's plan would turn most poultry inspection over to the very companies that produce our poultry, leaving only one government inspector per plant to inspect over 175 birds per minute — that's three birds per second!

The USDA is pushing this plan even though a government report says that the pilot project is putting our food safety in jeopardy.

Please send a letter to Secretary Vilsack and President Obama below, telling them not to privatize our food safety.

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Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you to withdraw the so-called "Modernization of Poultry Slaughter Inspection" regulation that would turn most of poultry inspection over to poultry companies so that they can police themselves.

Recent articles in the Washington Post have exposed serious deficiencies in the pilot plants using this privatized inspection model. In a January 20, 2014 editorial, the Charlotte Observer said: "This change would remove the little bit of oversight the federal government has. Officials need to rethink it."

This rule will lead to unsafe food and unsafe working conditions, and will put consumer health at risk by allowing inadequate inspection of poultry. I urge you to withdraw this rule for privatizing poultry inspection.

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