Congress: End the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms

antibioticsThe superbugs are coming, and they're being bred on factory farms.

It's become a common practice on factory farms to feed livestock regular, low doses of antibiotics even when they're not sick, in part because their living conditions are so horrifyingly unhealthy. The problem is that some bacteria survive these low doses, and over time, they become resistant to antibiotics...even the antibiotics that we use to treat diseases in humans.

These antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" pose a serious threat to human health. You can help stop them by telling Congress to put an end to using medically important antibiotics on healthy livestock.

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Pass PAMTA/PARA to ban unnecessary antibiotics use in livestock 

I urge you to pass the bill to stop the use of unnecessary antibiotics in livestock -- HR 1150, the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act (PAMTA) and S 1256, the Preventing Antibiotic Resistance Act (PARA). This bill would ban medically important antibiotics (the medicines that we rely on to treat our loved ones when they get sick) from being used for unnecessary "sub-therapeutic" purposes in livestock.

Right now, factory farms across the country are routinely giving their livestock low doses of antibiotics, even when they aren't sick. This practice is directly leading to the creation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that could become a serious human health threat when our antibiotics stop working to treat them.

Please pass PAMTA to protect the effectiveness of our antibiotics and prevent the creation of dangerous new resistant bacteria.

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