Sign the Pledge to Take Back the Tap at the Beach!

TBTT logo.jpg Food & Water Watch is teaming up with Surfrider Foundation to help protect our oceans and our right to safe, clean accessible water. We're asking people to pledge to reduce consumption of bottled water, and make sure not to take plastic bottles to the beach this summer.

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Learn more about bottled water and why you should Take Back the Tap

Not only is bottled water a way for corporations to take something that is already ours and profit from it, but it is also devastating to our oceans and ecosystem.

  • Plastic objects comprise at least 80% of the waste on shorelines, the ocean surface and seabed
  • 9.5 million plastic bottles have been collected in coastal cleanups worldwide over the past 25 years
  • Fish in the North Pacific accidentally ingest up to 24,000 tons of plastic a year, much of it from un-recycled plastic water bottles.

You can read more about the ills of bottled water and how to Take Back the Tap in our new release of our Take Back the Tap report:

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Take Back the Tap Pledge

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Choose tap water over bottled water whenever possible;

Fill a reusable bottle with tap water;

Support policies that promote clean, affordable tap water for all;

Help prevent plastics from ending up in our oceans.

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