Tell McDonalds: No McFrankenfries for me!

McDonalds Say No to McFrankenfries"Would you like genetic engineering with that?"

If the USDA approves a new GE potato (which could soon happen), McDonald's has the power to make or break this engineered spud's success. Thanks to their famous fries, McDonald's is the single largest purchaser of potatoes in the United States. That's why we're calling on them right now, before the GE potato is even approved, to commit that they won't buy it.

Genetically engineered foods are inadequately tested, and they're potentially unsafe. In the case of GE fries, that's a particular problem because they're marketed to kids. But McDonald's can help keep GE potatoes off the market, because if they won't buy it, then farmers probably won't plant it.

Join us in telling McDonald's: we don't want McFrankenfries!

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McDonald's: Say no to genetically engineered potatoes

Dear McDonald's, 

I don't want to eat McFrankenfries - but if you buy genetically engineered (GE) potatoes for your restaurants, that's exactly what we'll get!

GE foods are unlabeled, inadequately tested, and potentially unsafe. The USDA may soon approve a new GE potato from biotech company J.R. Simplot. As the largest potato purchaser in the United States, I urge you to commit not to buy this GE potato. I don't want my fries to be genetically engineered!

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