Don't let the USDA weaken organic standards for fish farms

Like any type of factory farming, factory fish farms are trouble. From raising fish in unsanitary conditions to harming wild fish, these factory farms (also called "open ocean aquaculture") are the wrong way to raise our food.

Despite these problems, the USDA is working on a controversial plan for organic standards for factory fish farms, and the aquaculture industry is already trying to undermine those rules, lobbying to weaken these standards before they even exist. They want to allow synthetic materials in organic fish farming. Tell the board responsible for these decisions not to approve this proposal that would weaken organic standards.

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Please oppose synthetic materials for organic aquaculture in 205.611

To the National Organic Standards Board: 

I urge you to oppose adding synthetics -- including chlorine materials, tocopherols, vitamins and trace minerals -- to 205.611 for use in organic aquatic animal production.

I urge you to reject these petitions for materials for use in aquatic animal production.

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