Tell Congress: We need a fair Farm Bill

Farmer in soil

The Farm Bill is a big deal: At its best, it has the power to bring fair food to consumers, help feed low-income families, level the playing field for family farmers, protect organic standards and the environment, and more.

But the current proposed versions of the Farm Bill fall far short of this ideal. The new Farm Bill won't do those things unless Congress fixes it. Tell your Members of Congress to take this opportunity to fix the Farm Bill.

On October 30, a committee of Senators and Representatives met to begin writing the final version of the Farm Bill. Their job is to reconcile the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill, which are miles apart on many of the most important issues.

This committee will make critical decisions about nutrition programs (food stamps), support for organic agriculture, food safety and other programs we need to make our food system safer and fairer. This could be our last chance to influence the five-year Farm Bill. If you care about your food, your legislators need to hear from you!

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The Farm Bill is an incredibly important piece of legislation. It's supposed to provide vital protections for family farmers, and to ensure that everyday Americans, including low-income families, have access to safe, healthy, affordable food. The versions of the Farm Bill that passed the House and Senate this year fall far short of that ideal, and I urge you to make the final bill as strong as possible for farmers and consumers.

As the conference committee works to reconcile the differences between the House and Senate versions of a new five-year Farm Bill, please urge your colleagues to make sure that the final bill includes critical safety net provisions for farmers and low-income families, protects organic agriculture and beginning farmers and maintains strong food safety programs.

Family farmers deserve a fair chance to make a living, and consumers deserve access to safe, healthy, affordable food. Don't pass up this chance to make the Farm Bill work better for family farmers and consumers.

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