Governor Brown: Fracking Harms Communities

Playground by Brooke Anderson

A pumpjack at an oil well near a playground in Kern County, CA (3/15/14)

Governor Brown has turned a blind eye to how fracking harms our climate and communities in the state. Families in the Central Valley are bearing the brunt of the worst drought in recorded history, the worst air pollution in the nation and the direct local health impacts of expanding fracking.

These families have invited Governor Brown to come meet with them and tour their communities to see the damage first-hand. After all, these impacts are the result of his inaction on fracking in California. It's time he face the facts and ban fracking now.

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Dear [Governor Brown],

I urge you to meet with residents in the Central Valley who want to share their real-life stories of the impacts of living next to fracking operations, and to ban this harmful process.

I urge you to protect communities across the state by meeting with these residents in the Central Valley, and to ban fracking now.

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