Tell the U.S. EPA: No more uses for Agent Orange chemical 2,4-D

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While Dow's GMO corn and soybeans are pending approval, they have asked permission to spray more harsh chemicals on these crops, more times throughout the growing season.

The EPA is seeking public comments on its Environmental Risk Assessment of additional uses of 2,4-D, a harsh chemical that was used in the infamous Agent Orange defoliant applied during the Vietnam War. Although the EPA's analysis is incomplete and full of information gaps, and despite the fact that studies show that 2,4-D messes with your hormones, damages your nervous system, lowers your immunity to illnesses and causes reproductive problems, the EPA has proposed to approve Dow AgroSciences' request.

Read the message below, personalize as you wish and click "Submit Comment" to tell the EPA that its assessment has too many holes to approve additional uses of 2,4-D. We'll submit it to the EPA for you.

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Deny Dow AgroScience's request for registration of its 2,4-D Enlist herbicide

To:  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Docket No. EPA-HQ-OPP-2014-0195

The EPA must realize that the entire purpose of this new 2,4-D formulation -- to help with glyphosate-resistant weeds -- will be moot once the increased applications trigger 2,4-D and multiple herbicide resistance in even more weed species. It's time for the EPA to make the right decision for the environment, human health and all of agriculture by denying the approval of Dow's Enlist 2,4-D herbicide.

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