Tell the Senate to Oppose Fast Track for Secret Trade Deals

No Fast Track**Update 6/18/15: The House passed a new bill to Fast Track the TPP. The Senate will act soon.

The TPP is a pro-big business trade deal — the largest in history — and it's been negotiated in secret among some of the world’s most powerful corporations while Congress and the public has been shut out.

Trade deals like the TPP would cost us good paying jobs, increase fracking and unsafe food imports, and undermine democracy by giving corporations even more power. And as if there wasn’t already enough secrecy around the TPP, Congress could pass a package of bills that would "Fast Track” the approval process and limit public input even further.

Sign below and edit the letter as you wish to urge your Senators to oppose the Fast Track package for secret trade deals like the TPP.

More on Fast Track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a controversial and largely secretive global trade agreement that the United States is currently negotiating with the Pacific Rim nations of Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. This binding agreement would critically impact U.S. domestic policy, including issues unrelated to trade, such as fracking, food safety, the environment and local autonomy.

President Obama has asked Congress for “trade promotion authority,” a legislative mechanism that would force Congress to quickly approve or “fast track” the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other future trade deals. Fast Track authority would only give Congress an up or down vote on these critical trade deals, essentially eliminating congressional oversight of the devilish details included in the trade agreements.
  • Only a handful of members of Congress are even allowed to see the TPP, while over 600 official corporate “trade advisers” are privy to the content.
  • The TPP grants corporations the authority to undermine local governments’ work to improve public health, infrastructure and the environment.
  • The expansion of "free trade" could increase offshoring and outsourcing of American jobs.
  • The food industry and big ag interests are trying to use the TPP to weaken U.S. food safety inspection at the border, potentially exposing consumers to risky and unsafe imports.
  • Since "Fast Track" authority was first used in 1973, U.S. wages have remained flat while worker productivity has doubled.
  • The TPP could undermine efforts to regulate Wall Street, including the use of a Financial Transaction Tax on the sort of risky bets that led to the financial crisis.

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