Protect the Big Bend From the Trans-Pecos Pipeline!

Big Bend National Park, TX

The Trans-Pecos Pipeline is threatening the Big Bend region in Texas.

The proposed Trans-Pecos Pipeline would move natural gas across the vast Big Bend region of Texas to Mexico. This pipeline, backed by the oil and gas industry and big investment banks, would endanger the natural beauty of this pristine, untouched region, threaten the safety of the surrounding rural communities and pave the way for even more pipelines, fracking and oil extraction in the U.S. and Mexico — contributing to climate change.
In 2010 President Obama pledged to protect the Big Bend region, but right now the Trans-Pecos Pipeline is being fast-tracked, so we need to act fast.

Send a message to President Obama asking him to follow through on his pledge to protect the Big Bend from the Trans-Pecos Pipeline today! Fill out your information below and personalize your message. Personalized messages have a greater impact on our decision makers.

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Please consider the impacts this pipeline would have on the Big Bend economy, the environment, and the safety of the region and its population, and don't approve the Trans-Pecos Pipeline.

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