ABC, CBS and NBC: Stop Airing Oil and Gas Industry Lies During National Newscasts!

People watch national news programs to get credible, honest information about critical issues facing America, like our energy future—particularly during election season. But the American Petroleum Institute (API) is airing misleading ads on TV and radio across the nation about serious energy issues that affect our communities, our public health, and our environment.

Join us in telling the major television networks not to air API's lies during national newscasts!


  • Jeff Fager
  • Patricia Fili-Krushel
  • Anne Sweeney

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Stop promoting the fracking industry's lies

Dear ABC, CBS and NBC

People across the country count on your news programs to inform their views on issues that matter most, especially during election season. I ask you to live up to your reputation by rejecting the dirty energy propaganda of the American Petroleum Institute during your national news programming.

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