NO More Drilling Off Our Coasts!

Offshore drilling

Big Oil and the Trump administration are at it again. They want to open up our coasts to dangerous offshore drilling. 

They may have forgotten the Gulf oil spill, but the rest of us haven't.

The BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster showed just how risky offshore drilling can be. We can't take that risk again — with any of our coasts. 

Offshore drilling puts the safety of coastal communities and wildlife at risk. It threatens our air and water quality. And it can ruin local economies.

Submit your public comment below and tell the Department of the Interior: Offshore drilling's not worth the risk — keep America's coastlines off the table! 

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Docket #BOEM 2017-0050

Dear Department of the Interior,

Please protect our coasts -- and the people and wildlife that rely on them -- by keeping them out of consideration for offshore drilling.

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