Ban fracking ad and petition to Governor Cuomo

Watch our Brand New Ad and Sign the Petition

This is the truth about fracking. It's not about economic growth or boosting our communities. It's about profits for the oil and gas industry, at the expense of our families' health, safety, and pocketbooks.

Watch our brand new ad and hear it for yourself from folks in Pennsylvania who are living with fracking in their back yards. Then sign the petition to tell Governor Cuomo: we need a ban on fracking in New York.

To keep fracking out of New York, we need to ramp up the pressure on Governor Cuomo, telling him to put safety first. Help us reach our goal of 100,000 signatures by signing today and forwarding this alert to friends and family members in New York!


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Dear Governor Cuomo,

Please keep our drinking water and our communities safe, and ban fracking in New York.

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