Last Chance: Comment to Ban Fracking in New York

Petitions for Governor CuomoThe Cuomo Administration has issued new rules that could allow fracking to start in a number of months. They have only allowed a quick 30 days of public comments on these regulations. That gives us not much time to show Governor Cuomo we won't stand for fracking here.

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High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing - Revised Proposed Regs, ID No. ENV-39-11-00020-RP

Dear Commissioner Joe Martens

Fracking can't be made safe, and I support a ban on fracking in New York. The newly proposed regulations recently put out by the DEC have a number of key problems, some of which I've addressed below.

To protect our health, our water and our environment, this administration must not allow fracking in New York. The new rules fail to make fracking safer.

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