Tell your representatives to ban fracking in California

Ban fracking girl.pngIntensive new drilling and fracking has come to California and Governor Brown is doing nothing to stop it.

Fracking an oil or gas well means injecting millions of gallons of fluid -- typically a mix of water, sand and chemicals -- at a pressure high enough to fracture underground rocks and release oil or gas.  The practice is leaving a legacy of air and water pollution in communities across the country, and contributing to global climate change.

Now, the oil and gas industry is targeting natural gas fields in the Sacramento Basin and oil fields in the San Joaquin, Santa Maria, Ventura and Los Angeles Basins. If industry succeeds, generations of Californians would pay the environmental and public health costs.

Tell your members of the California Legislature to support a legislation to ban fracking today!


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I urge you to protect our drinking water by supporting legislation to ban hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking.

I urge you to protect your constituents by supporting a bill to ban fracking.

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