We Deserve to Know Where Our Food Comes From!

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With food safety and other concerns about how food is produced, it's more important than ever to know what country the food you buy is coming from. Unfortunately, international food corporations think this is unfair, and the WTO agrees with them.

Last year, the World Trade Organization (WTO) told the U.S. that we had to get rid of mandatory country of origin labeling for food.

Now it is up to President Obama to decide what to do about the WTO ruling. The right decision is to reject the WTO ruling and stand up for American consumers and farmers by maintaining strong standards for this labeling program.

Please ask President Obama and Secretary Vilsack to protect country of origin labeling! We'll deliver your signature and additional message directly to them.

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President Obama and Secretary Vilsack

Stand up for mandatory country of origin labeling 

I urge you to protect the integrity of country of origin labeling (COOL) so that consumers continue to get clear information about where their food comes from.

The World Trade Organization should not get to decide what information I get about the food I buy for my family. The WTO decision on COOL puts the interests of international agribusinesses ahead of consumers.

I urge you to stand up for U.S. consumers and farmers and to keep strong standards for COOL.

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