Don't Appoint a Fracking Proponent as Energy Secretary

independence day fracking.jpgPresident Obama is considering naming Ernest Moniz, head of the oil and gas industry funded MIT Energy Initiative, as the next Energy Secretary. Moniz is a proponent of using natural gas as a "bridge fuel" to renewable energy. But in reality, fracking for natural gas only prolongs our dependence on fossil fuels, while contributing to global climate change and polluting our scarce fresh water resources. According to an exclusive story by Reuters, Moniz "believes the water and air pollution risks associated with hydraulic fracturing, or 'fracking' were 'challenging but manageable.'

This is not the person we need as our country's Energy Secretary at this critical moment. We need a visionary leader who can enact policies that move us away from intensive fossil fuel extraction, such as fracking, and toward a renewable energy future.

Tell President Obama NOT to name Ernest Moniz as our country's Energy Secretary.

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Natural gas from fracking should have no part in our country's energy future.

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