Great News, Now Let's Keep the Heat On!

We just got some great news! The Cuomo Administration will miss a crucial February deadline they needed to hit in order to move forward on fracking. Thanks to the great work of hundreds of thousands of you across the state, Governor Cuomo has decided not to move forward, at least for now.

We know of course that this isn't the time to let up. Rather, let's keep up the heat and let Governor Cuomo know that we're not in this for a short term delay. Tell Governor Cuomo that you won't be satisfied until fracking is banned in New York. 

Please email Governor Cuomo today and urge him to ban fracking.

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Dear [Decision Maker],

I'm very encouraged to learn that your administration will miss the February deadline and not move ahead with fracking. I urge you to look to other states like Pennsylvania to see the myriad problems that fracking brings with it and not to allow the practice in New York.

I urge you to ban fracking now!

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