Say NO to shipping fracking waste on barges

Bridge over the Ohio RiverWhen companies drill wells to frack for oil and natural gas, the process creates millions of gallons of wastewater that's laden with toxic chemicals. Now, the Coast Guard is considering allowing this hazardous waste to be shipped on barges on the Ohio River. Barges are not nearly safe enough for transporting such a dangerous substance.

Tell the Coast Guard: keep fracking waste off our rivers!

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Oppose the shipping of fracking wastewater on barges

Dear Michael Roldan and U.S. Coast Guard, 

I urge you to protect our rivers by rejecting the proposal by GreenHunter Water to ship fracking wastewater on barges down the Ohio River.

I urge you to protect the Ohio River and all our nation's rivers by opposing the use of barges for shipping fracking waste.

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