Hold Senate President Miller accountable

MD Ban Fracking LogoYesterday, State Senate President Mike Miller killed the bill to ban fracking in Maryland!

Fracking poses significant risks to Maryland's drinking water, air, health, and climate. It simply has no place in Maryland.

But yesterday, Senate President Mike Miller let the bill to ban fracking die. We are one step closer to having fracking in Maryland.

Please fill out the form below to send Senate President Mike Miller a message expressing your disappointment and asking him to support the bill to ban fracking outright in Maryland.

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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to express my disappointment that SB 514, the bill to ban fracking in Maryland, has been voted down in committee.

I look forward to your leadership on this issue next year and hope to count on your support for a fracking ban that will protect the well-being of all Marylanders.

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