Tell your California legislators to support legislation to stop fracking

Culver City Fracking Rally.jpgCalifornia's legislature is considering two bills, AB 1301 introduced by Richard Bloom and AB 1323 introduced by Holly Mitchell, that would put an end to fracking in our state. Now we need your help to get these bills passed.

Fracking has been shown to contaminate groundwater, destroy farmland and increase the incidence of asthma and cancer. And it's happening right here in California, including in the Bay Delta, the hills above Ventura, Kern County and the heart of Los Angeles.

This legislation is vital to protecting our state's precious water resources and farmland. Tell your legislators to put an end to fracking in California.

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I urge you to protect our drinking water by supporting AB 1301 and AB 1323, which would implement a statewide moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

In order to protect our precious water resources and farmland and curb climate change, we need to stop this dangerous practice. I urge you to protect your constituents by supporting legislation to institute a statewide moratorium on hydraulic fracturing.

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